Handyman Services

Boise Carpentry and Handyman Services offers a full range of handyman services including; kitchen and baths, door and window refinishing, interior and exterior paint, flooring and any other service required to complete your construction or remodel.

Hiring a handyman in Boise Idaho can be a cost effective solution to completing those home repair or home improvement projects that you have been putting off. With work and family obligations, sometimes it can be difficult to get to your “To Do” list, which can have a real negative impact on your home maintenance.

A local handyman is often quite affordable compared to contractors who specialize in one area, such as plumbers or electricians. And with our extensive experience, they can help you avoid making mistakes by doing it yourself when installing cabinets, replacing a sink, or putting in new flooring.

We also can replace light fixtures including ceiling fans, switch or outlet, faucets, garbage disposals, dishwasher, fix cabinets, fences, gates, tile chipped or cracked, doors and windows caulked, replace sink, toilet, baseboards and door and window trim, minor painting and staining (not whole houses). and no gutters sorry.